Friday, March 19, 2010

What Would Saint Patrick Do?

I was supposed to attend a very important workshop on Wednesday that would teach me how to price my produce for market. I was excited about it for weeks, because I've never felt very professional when it came to pricing my produce, and this might give me the confidence I needed. We're supposed to do a market at Greensgrow in Kensington this season, along with a few household shares on the side, and I've yet to work out all the fine details of either of those operations. I also recently called up a chef I used to work for to see if he might want to buy some micro greens that we aren't even really sure if we're growing yet. Needless to say, I need to attend a workshop about pricing produce for market. But when I came home from work on that gorgeous, sunny Wednesday afternoon, all of my housemates were out back drinking beers and eating Pringles and playing beer pong by the fire.
Now, I'd never played beer pong before...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old Ways

Well, we're back to our old ways again, as the saying goes. Digging and hauling, digging and hauling. When the warm weather first starts and the sun is shining, digging in the dirt and hauling rubble are two things I can really get behind. Let's hope we finish this project before it's been warm long enough for me to realize that that's all I've been up to.
Today we were supposed to plant peas. I know that because today is St. Patrick's day. It is also the day we were supposed to plant arugula and spinach. But instead we were digging and hauling, because the tree people haven't come yet to cut down the last of our locust trees (see previous entry), and we can't have those guys stomping around and cutting trees down on top of our newly planted beds. But when will they come? Something tells me it isn't spring unless I have something planted in the ground. Lucky for me, the garlic we planted in the fall is coming well up out of the mulch now.
Tomorrow promises to be another delightful sunny day, and if the tree people haven't come by then, we'll be digging and hauling again.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010