Friday, March 19, 2010

What Would Saint Patrick Do?

I was supposed to attend a very important workshop on Wednesday that would teach me how to price my produce for market. I was excited about it for weeks, because I've never felt very professional when it came to pricing my produce, and this might give me the confidence I needed. We're supposed to do a market at Greensgrow in Kensington this season, along with a few household shares on the side, and I've yet to work out all the fine details of either of those operations. I also recently called up a chef I used to work for to see if he might want to buy some micro greens that we aren't even really sure if we're growing yet. Needless to say, I need to attend a workshop about pricing produce for market. But when I came home from work on that gorgeous, sunny Wednesday afternoon, all of my housemates were out back drinking beers and eating Pringles and playing beer pong by the fire.
Now, I'd never played beer pong before...


  1. I hope those were grassfed, free range Pringles! (or green?!?)

  2. Ha! Sadly, no. But I did stick to the Original "recipe" which, with its small bits of maltodextrin and dextrose, was more straightforward than the sour cream and onion and bbq style formulas.